SyncServer (2012)

Prevolution SyncServer was a windows software to synchronise Microsoft Exchange Server with Cherwell. With SQL at one endpoint, and Exchange Webservices at the other, PSS helped keeping Appointments, Tasks and Contacts up to date between both systems. It was deployed to two customers.

Technical challenges:

  • On the SQL Server side, had to keep track of the links between items, keeping the ExchangeItemId with the CherwellItemId.
  • On the SQL Server side only way to keep track of deleted Items was with a trigger+Table
  • Saving each users “point in time” so as not to get already updated items.
  • Very fined tune Clock-syncronisation. We would get all the Changed Items in SQL for the last 30 Seconds, not more not less. Otherwise we might have skipped items.
  • State of the Sync when app suddenly stopped? What happens if hey modify at the same time?
  • Avoiding infinite-looping update ping-pongs… Change in SQL would be updated to Exchange. In next iteration Exchange realizes something changed and sent update back to SQL…

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