CloudDesk (2013)

CloudDesk was a web-based Ticketing System developed at Prevolution GmbH. It started in Slovakia and was then continued in the Hamburg’s HQ.

It made use of some of the latest technologies in HTML5 as well as DevExpress controls. The backend was an  SQL Server which was accessed by a Data Layer Engine written in VB.

We integrated the backend with our Cherwell Software Solution through scheduled SQL Stored-Procedures.

Some new features were added:

  • Search Recommendations while typing
  • Rating widgets (Facebook-style Like, “Arrow Voting”, Stars)
  • User Avatars
  • Hierarchical Categories in the Shop
  • Dynamically generated Html forms (textbox, checkbox, select) using an XML file. SQL Schema updated on-the-fly.
  • Timeline (joining the previously Single Entries)